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Echeverria – Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc


This Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc is made using our own estate grown grapes and hand picked in several stages in late autumn to ensure the presence of true Botrytis, which requires very specific conditions for growth. Powerful aromas of mature peaches, apricots and honey, these characters reappear on the palate, enhanced by marked notes of quince jam. Creamy honey flavours are enlivened by balanced levels of acidity. Rich, intense and full-bodied, this exceptional wine has a long and elegant finish where fruit and botrytis qualities express themselves in perfect harmony.

When pairing this wine with food, consider echoing the flavors already present in the wine, such as honey, peach, apricot and almonds. Desserts with a custard base (crème brûlée) or caramelized fruit (think tarte tatin) go spectacularly well. Thanks to the viscosity of this wine, it can also stand up well to strong cheeses, like Roquefort, but shouldn’t be overpowered by anything sweeter than it is.